Admission Regulations

Following are the Admission Regulations inclusive of amendments made till date for admission to all Undergraduate (4-year BS/BCom, 5-Year PharmD/LLB (Hons), etc), Graduate (2-year MA/MSc/MCom/MBA etc) Diploma (1 year) Programs of the University Teaching Departments/ Constituent Colleges/Institutes/Sub-Campuses (except affiliated colleges):

1. Short Title and Commencement

The regulations prescribed hereunder shall be called Admission Regulations, University of Sargodha and are applicable from the academic session 2015-2016 onward with the amendments referred hereunder asterisk * at various places:

2. Definitions

In these rules and regulations unless the subject or context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have

  1. “Academic Year” means a year consisting of two regular semesters namely; Fall and Spring;
  2. “Authority” means any of the Authorities of the University specified in the Ordinance;
  3. “Dean” means the Chairperson of the Board of Faculty duly appointed by the Chancellor as per the provisions contained in the University of Sargodha Ordinance 2002
  4. “University” means the University of Sargodha;
  5. “Vice Chancellor” means the Vice Chancellor of the University; who shall be competent to make decisions on admission related issues.

3. Introduction

Following are the guidelines, procedures, rules and regulations to be administered by all the Departments/Colleges/Institutes/Centers/Sub- Campuses.

  1. A copy of printed Admission Regulations shall be made available in all the Departments/Colleges/Institutes/Centers/Sub-Campuses as well as the University Library for guidance.
  2. The regulations provided here are subject to amendment/change and repeal by the competent authority at any time.

4. Regulations

Admission shall be made, except for the reserved seats as given in Annexure-II, on the basis of merit in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Admission Committee from time to time, provide further that;

  1. Seventy Five percent of the total seats shall be filled on open merit basis.
  2. Twenty Five percent of total seats shall be reserved for the students graduated from the University of Sargodha.
  3. All the departments will prepare and display separate lists for 75% of seats to be filled on open merit and 25% seats reserved for the students graduated from UOS.
  4. Preference in case of admission to the Undergraduate and Graduate classes will be given in the order of year of graduation, starting from the current year, fixed by Admission Committee and approved by the Vice Chancellor.
  5. Preference criteria for admission to all other classes, not enumerated above will be notified separately after it is chalked out by the Admission Committee and approved by the Vice Chancellor but admission to these classes shall also be governed by these regulations.
  1. Only those candidates who have passed FA/FSc, BA/BSc (Pass Course or Honours) or any equivalent examination shall be eligible for admission to the next higher classes. Further, it shall be ensured that students seek admission on the basis of Terminal Degree.
  2. The Chairperson/Principal/Director of the Department/College/Institute/ Center/Sub-Campus shall, each year, communicate for approval to the Admission Committee through the Dean of the Faculty concerned, prior to admission, the total number of students to be admitted including the students to be admitted against the reserved seats. This number can not be increased without the approval of the Vice Chancellor, nor shall the criteria be modified without his approval. Further, he shall be vested with the power to decide such issues as concern to admissions as hardship case. Additional criteria for weightage in admission to a particular discipline as contained in Annexure-I, against merit seats will be applicable.
  3. Any student, who was rusticated, expelled, or whose entry in any Department/College/Institute/Center was banned for any reason whatsoever at any time during his/her academic career, shall not be admitted to any class without the permission of the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of the Chairperson/Principal/Director, Dean concerned and Director Student Affairs.
    Note: The office of Director Students Affairs will circulate a complete list of the students, against whom any kind of disciplinary action has been taken, to all the departments. The admissions of all such students will be processed in the light of regulation 4.3.
  4. All difficulties connected with admission shall be resolved by the Admission Committee in consultation with Chairperson/Principal/Director of the Department/ College/ Institute/Center/Sub-Campus and shall deem to be settled with the approval of the Vice Chancellor later on.
  5. Any Reserved Seat (see Annexure-II) which remains unfilled at the closing date or extended period may, with the approval of the Vice Chancellor, be transferred to the Merit Quota.
    1. Any person who has attained the age of twenty-six (26) years on the last date fixed for the receipt of the applications for admission shall not be admitted to graduate classes. Age limit for students seeking admissions after passing Intermediate or equivalent Examination in any discipline of this University will be twenty-four (24) years. In case of real hardship, however, the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of the Chairperson/Principal/Director of the Department/College/Institute/Center and Dean of Faculty concerned, may relax this Regulation subject to the availability of vacant seat, after all available eligible candidates have been offered admission, up to a maximum of one year.
    2. The age limit for government employee/employees of Government controlled corporations/ autonomous bodies shall be followed as per Government. rules, provided that hey submit the NOC from their department to pursue such studies. However no seat shall be reserved for this purpose.
    3. For the disciplines of Education (B.Ed, M.Ed) MA/Library Sciences, MSc Physical Education 05 seats shall be kept reserved for Government employees provided that they seek NOC from their parent department and remain on study leave for the duration of degree course.
  6. All the government employees seeking admission to University of Sargodha are required to summit the following documents:
    1. NOC from the competent authority (in case of self support program)
    2. NOC and study leave from the competent authority (in case of regular program)
  7. List of students selected for admission shall be prepared in accordance with the prescribed proforma bearing the signature of Chairperson/Principal/Director of the Department/College/Institute/Center/Sub-Campus prior to notification.
  8. In the case of admission to the Replica (Self-Support) Undergraduate and Graduate classes of the Department/College/Institute/Center/Sub-Campus, the same Regulations relating to the admission to regular morning classes shall be applicable.
  9. No student shall be admitted to a second or subsequent Bachelor's/Master's Degree Courses in the Department/College/Institute/Center/Sub-Campus except in professional degree course i.e. M.Ed, B.Ed and MBA (Executive). Explanation: “Students having 14 years of education will be eligible to take admission to MA/MSc programs only, whereas the students having BS or 16 years education will be eligible to take admission in MS/MPhil programs only.”
  10. A migration/No Objection Certificate, in case of applicant graduated from a University other than the University of Sargodha, must be produced by the candidate within 30 days of the admission for submission to the registration branch of Registrar Office.
  11. A migration/No Objection Certificate, in case of applicant graduated from a University other than the University of Sargodha, must be produced by the candidate within 30 days of the admission for submission to the registration branch of Registrar Office.
  12. The migration of a student from another University to the University of Sargodha to a Department/College/Institute/Center/Sub-Campus of the University of Sargodha and vice versa will be governed only in accordance with the Migration Policy of University of Sargodha provided that the student falls in the merit list drawn by the University and belong to a university recognized by HEC.
  13. Inter-departmental migration may be allowed on the recommendations of the Chairperson/Principal/Director concerned, with the written approval of the Dean of the Faculty, provide that, the student concerned would have been offered admission, on merit basis in the Department/College/Institute to which he/she wishes to migrate. The maximum time period, during which such a migration may take place, shall be 02 weeks from the commencement of the teaching session. The migration will be allowed only in genuine cases.
  14. In order to streamline the interdepartmental/Inter-disciplinary fee transfer cases fee transfer form will be moved from one department/discipline to other department/discipline in genuine case only and the admission form will not be transferred.
  15. However, the form transfer will be allowed to only those programs/departments in which the seats will remain vacant at the closure of admission process and there are no waiting candidates i.e. lists have been displayed till the last entry. A final list of programs/departments to which forms can be transferred will be approved by the Admission Committee and approval of the transfer will be granted accordingly and the concerned departments will also be intimated. The policy order of merit will be followed in all these cases. Form transfer shall further be subject to following categories:-
    1. A candidate, who has applied in any of the program/department but failed to seek admission in that program/department, if he/she intends to transfer his/her admission form to any other program/department in which he/she has not applied but seats are still lying vacant, can be transferred.
    2. A student who has applied in any of the program/department and admitted in the same program/department, if he/she wants to transfer his/her admission to any other program/department in which he/she has not applied but seats are still lying vacant, can be transferred. In addition to this a standard procedure will be followed for form transfer. The students interested in transfer of Admission Forms will be required to submit an application on a prescribed form recommended by the Chairpersons of both the Departments, to the Chairman Admission Committee. Transfer of any Fee or Admission Form(s) without the approval of the Chairman Admission Committee will be considered null and void.
  16. The relevant authenticated certificate in respect of Hafiz-e-Quran must be attached with the original admission application failing which no credit will be given. Moreover, the applicant must pass the Hafiz-e- Quran test conducted by the relevant committee of the University.
  17. If there is a tie between two or more candidates having equal merit, their merit will be determined on the basis of their ages, the candidates older in age shall be given preference over the younger.
  18. The FA/FSc/BA/BSc/BS degree of other Pakistani Universities/Boards where the subject English is not compulsory shall not be considered as equivalent to the University of Sargodha and such students shall not be admitted in next higher classes.
  19. In case of different university, whose examination/curriculum is different from UOS, all the Departments will forward the cases with comments to determine Equivalence to Chairman Equivalence Committee for decision before last merit list is displayed.
  20. Equivalence Certificate of O&A Levels / Intermediate Certificate awarded by the foreign institutions from the applicants issued by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). Provisional Admission can be granted to the student subject to provision of said equivalence certificate from the IBCC before conducting 1st Semester (under Semester System)/1st Year (Under Annual System) examination of the degree program for which admission is granted. (HEC Letter No. 5-3/HEC/A&A/2015/78 dated June 24, 2015)
  21. The dues other than notified by the University shall not be charged by the Department/College/Institute/Center/Sub-Campus from the students.
  22. A uniform policy to determine the merit will be observed in all the Departments/Colleges/Institutes/Centers/Sub-Campuses, as laid down in the Admission Regulations.
  23. Criteria for admission of Foreign Students will be determined by the University Admission Committee.
  24. Quota of reserved seats for the following categories will be followed according to the Government Policy:
    1. Foreign students
    2. Children/Wards of Martyrs/War Disabled & serving Personnel of the Defence Forces
    3. Azad Kashmir
    4. Northern Areas / FATA
    5. Gilgit Baltistan
    6. Baluchistan
    7. Children of Refugees from IHK.
    Note: this quota shall not apply in case of Sub-Campuses established under public private partnership. However, if seat is not available at main campus, the quota candidates may be referred to Public sector Sub-Campuses of the University.
    1. A candidate whose candidature has been accepted will be required to produce the original documents for issuance of fee challan. The documents shall be retained by the department for a period of two semesters for both graduate and undergraduate programs.
    2. All the candidates shall be directed to submit one copy of fee deposit slip/challan in the office of the relevant department to issue roll number of the department.
  25. Separate forms will be issued for the seats reserved for admission on sports and co-curricular basis to make the admissions fairer on these seats. Following colors shall be used:
    1. Pink form for Sports
    2. Yellow form for co-curricular activities
  26. Sports office is required to complete the trials before the display of third merit list and no relaxation will be given in the deadline.
  27. In order to streamline the admissions against reserved seats all departments must forward the forms for admission on sports basis and co-curricular basis to the office of Director Sports and office of Director Co-curricular Activities respectively along with a covering letter mentioning the list and total number of forms not later than one day after the last date of submission of applications. No relaxation will be given in this regard.
  28. The admission of disabled persons shall be processed through the Committee constituted to determine the disability of candidate. The department shall forward the cases of disable students to concerned Committee. The student shall be considered eligible after verification from the said Committee besides possession of disability certificate from the relevant authority.
  29. All departments will receive all forms irrespective of their eligibility. Their status as eligible or ineligible shall be determined after the submission of forms.
  30. ployees of University of Sargodha seeking admission to any undergraduate or graduate program are required to provide NOC before the last date for submission of forms.
  31. As some of the transcripts provided by the students do not contain the detailed marks/percentage of marks so it becomes impossible to calculate merit on the basis of CGPA only. It is therefore the responsibility of the students concerned to provide the detailed marks sheet to the department before the last date for submission of forms. If they fail to provide the marks sheet they will not be considered eligible for admission as merit cannot be calculated on the basis of CGPA only.
  32. All admissions made in contravention of these Regulations shall be void.