UOS Women Campus Faisalabad

The University of Sargodha Women Campus Faisalabad has been established to educate the new generation of female youth to step forward in the prosperity of the country and nation. Women in Pakistan cover more than behalf of the sky and they have fundamental right to get education. Both men and women should be educated for the development and progress of the society. So, this institute is contributing in a noble cause by playing a vital role in educating women of this country. It is necessary to eliminate gender disparity at all levels of education through allocating reasonable resources on women’s education.
The dissemination of knowledge and findings to the other research environments is a natural element of the research effort being carried out in this campus. The strategic aim of this Campus is to develop and sustain a vibrant research environment enable of a continued strengthening of the socio-economic sector. In this campus, the students are facilitated to work with research scholars, who are not only imparting knowledge, but also ensuring the quality of research and development in various study programs being run at different levels. For the last few years, this campus has introduced multiple institutional reforms of the modern times. It includes large variety of study programs took off with the changing trends of society e.g. Fine Arts, Mathematics, English, Business Administration, Economics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Psychology, Physics, Computer Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy. The programs of the University of Sargodha Women Campus Faisalabad exhibit cultural trends and values, encouraging the students to demonstrate their learning proficiency in the classroom as well as professional fields.
Its main focus is on the personality development of its students through curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities. Its faculty members are highly qualified, cooperative and dedicated professionals having expertise to conduct the quality research. A large number of need and merit based scholarships are offered for the students. The management has also provided hostel facilities to the students coming from different far off cities. To fulfill the needs of the faculty and the students, large number of computers have been installed and this number is increasing at a rapid pace. A Local Area Network (LAN) is also available for students and teachers to access the global village environment. Transport facility is also provided to facilitate students within the city.